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Hey everyone, before you nag on me I did read through several pages of threads trying to find the answer to my question but didn't see it anywhere. Alright so I just got my 2001 Tundra and I wanted to know if there is a way to run an aux jack from the back of it? I have it taken out and I know theres the antenna jack but am unsure of the one below it. This is what it looks like.
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My second option if that isn't an aux jack is to see if I can hook up a stereo from my 2009 Scion TC (Since both made by Toyota I thought maybe, wishful thinking it might work.) Although again I am unsure if this has an Aux jack as well. That stereo looks likes this.
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I plan to get an aftermarket eventually when I have the money but I'm about to make the drive from Florida back to Texas, and having my phone for music would be a lot better since the cd player doesn't work and finding radio stations in the middle of nowhere can be difficult. Any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for the help.
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