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I just checked both my fog lights on my 2001 Toyota Tundar 2WD V8 and both were blown. I bought replacements ($18 bucks) and installed them, I just have not connected the wiring harness back as of yet. I checked the fuse under the hood and it is good. I think there is also a relay there for fog as well. Does anyone out there have an idea how I can test the relay short of buying another relay at the store. What bothers me is when I push in the fog lap button with the lights on and in low beam I get no voltage at the end of the harness (like 12volts DC). I just don't want to connect them again only to blow then due to another problem.

Ok the relay is now good, and lamps come on. I think I know what blew the lamps. I have moisture in the passenger side lamp. Can someone give me instructions or pictures on how to remove and waterproof the lamp?

Thank you,
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