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jack mccarthy and i both had an issue with the column shifter snapping off the steering column, if it feels like the shift lever is flopping around in the column this may be it

i also had an issue with a '91 mercury capri i owned, where the bolt on the bracket that held the shift cable against the transmission stripped out, so instead of pushing/pulling the gear selector lever on the transmission, the cable would just flop around.

edit: if it is the issue with the column shifter bracket failing, jack was nice enough to do a DIY writeup on how to fix it yourself:

if youre like me, too broke to buy parts or shell out the $500 the dealership wanted to fix it, you can do like ive done for the past 15k miles or so and remove the plastic shrouds around the column and manually push/pull the linkage to select the desired gear.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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