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2001 Tundra Jump Problems

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I have a 2k1 tundra. I jumped a piece of equipment, I did not cross terminals (to the best of my knowlege). The battery on the equipment charged and started fine. The tundra did not fair so well. A few fuses were blown, they were replaced and work fine. One fuse continues to blow after less than 5 minutes every time. It is the dash light fuse. The truck also acts like it is working under a load at idle with no accessories on (lights, ac...).

Cound it be the alternator and why does such a random fuse continue to fry?
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I like to help people (mostly women) with jump starts, changing tires, etc. BUT I have one of those free-standing battery/jumpstart units that allows me to jumpstart people without attaching anything to my vehicle. Although I've jumped many cars using the conventional method of connecting two batteries that are both in vehicles, I strongly prefer the other way so that I eliminate the possibility of having a problem with my vehicle after helping someone.

It's also great in that you don't have to maneuver vehicles to be head to head. And...if I'm the one needing the jump, I can do it myself.
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