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2001 Tundra stall

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Stall is probably not the right word for this problem, but this is what happened twice:

1st time:
- Cruise control at 65mph
- check engine light turned on and it felt like running out of gas.
- pushing accellerator did not rev up engine.
- Engine did NOT die, running at an idle (about 1000 rpm), but truck was not moving like it would when idling without breaks (like it would in neutral).
- turning off and restarting engine "fixed" the problem
- could not get a read out on check engine light as it disappeared after a few starts
2nd time:
- same as above except I was going about 20mph with no cruise control.

Any advice?

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how old is the truck? ever change the fuel filter?
This sounds like the accelerator pedal position sensor is malfunctioning. I do not remember the code number off hand, but did you check your code when it was showing the check engine light?
Scratch the second part of my post. Does it only act like this when it is cold?
Thanks for the response. In both instances the temperature was probably above freezing, but below 40 I would say. Both times I had been driving for quite a while when this happened.
The part that seems especially odd is that the truck feels like it is in neutral even though it is still idling.
Check to see if there are any stored codes before replacing any parts, but I am still leaning toward the accelerator pedal position sensor.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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