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Hey Guys,A few days ago, I went to the local salvage yard, looking for a/c knobs for my tundy. The only one they had did not have the knobs, but what it did have was a factory-installed hitch. I was able to pull it and take it home to install on my truck. A great upgrade from having the ball on the bumper. Plus for only 35 bucks and one small dent, it was much better than trying to match up a aftermarket one for no less than $100.First, after getting home with the hitch, I had to do some disassembly on my rear-end to make the install easier.I started by taking the rear bumper step-covers off, they had these great little plastic tabs that either broke off or took an act of congress to pop out of the square holes you see.

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Once the left was off, the right was next, then the center had its own special removal, but I finally got it all off

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Auto part Car

Next, off came the bumper. It only had a few bolts, and slid right off. It was then that I discovered the factory placed support for the bumper-mounted ball, so it had to come off next. (the new hitch that will take its place us on the concrete underneath it.)

Vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Car Auto part

The discovered difference between this mount and the new hitch is the amount of support to the frame. All that held the old one on to each side was three bolts, which was only the pre-support for the new hitch.

Auto part Automotive exterior Bumper Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle Auto part

Finally removed:

Here is the rear end with nothing on it:

Vehicle Automotive tire Auto part Car Automotive exterior

Now comes the install, even though it was a factory hitch, it was pretty difficult for one person to hold up, and start the old bolts through. This is it once the bolts were started:

Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Vehicle

Here is the extra length the square hitch receiver gives you on each side, three additional side bolts, and two on the bottom that the original piece did not have, the top piece the bumper rest on was bent on the old truck I pulled from, so I had to take a ball-pein hammer to it.

Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part

Here is a under-side view of the bottom bolts that threaded through the factory-welded nuts on the frame

Auto part Vehicle Automotive exhaust Automotive exterior Car Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Metal

Once the bumper was reinstalled:

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle Hood Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Vehicle Car

And the plastic step-pads added back on, after much mallet-hammering:

Land vehicle Pickup truck Car Vehicle Automotive exterior

Finally done! All that was left was to go drop a few bucks on a good hitch:

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part

Now i'll feel a lot more confident pulling loads with my tundra.
Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you know anyone who needs the old mount, let me know, otherwise it's scrap-metal.
Thanks guys,


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A VERY VERY great way to spend 35 bucks! :beavbutt:
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