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2002 sequoia electric moon roof sticking

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I just cracked the moon roof for spring, the moon roof only opens to the first setting which is about 5" from all the way open, and sticks when I try to close it, have to give it a slight pull to get it started. I found a piece of weatherstripping also on the cover when I opened it up, no leaks though, just went thru the car wash with it. any advice on why it sticks and wont open would be great, thank you in advance
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If you didn't use the moonroof for a while it could be that the old grease has hardened or congealed in the tracks of the sunroof cable or has formed corrosion/rusting. that's what happened in my 03 Sequoia Limited. The grease got so hard that it was almost plastic and rusted into the tubing assembly. I'm guessing that you have never greased the moonroof assembly so that's some 8year old factory grease in those tracks. the best thing to do would be to take the whole thing apart, clean up the old grease and lube it with some fresh one.
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