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Just got a 2002 sequoia:

1-the compass is indicating "N" no matter what and the "CAL" stays on all the time.
2- The AVG shows "0" all the time
3-The inst shows "0" all the time
4- The DTE is working and the Temp is working.

See pictures

I have tried to recalibrate the compass numerous times, no joy.
Did a reset on the AVG, no joy
Disconnected the battery for about 15 minutes then reconnected, no joy.

I want to take the panel down, I have located 2 screws in the sunglass compartment but it looks like it is still holding pretty tight. Don't want to force it and break it.


Where does the computer take its input from?
How to remove the panel?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



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