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OK I had some stumbling off and on for a month and never a check engine light. Well finally it gave up the goods...CYLINDER 3 & 5 MISFIRE. So, I take it to a local shop, not the dealership, and the guy works on it and replaced the coil packs on #3 & #5 plus changed all 8 plugs to Autolite double platinums. I wanted to cry...after what I've read on here about 00-05 Tundras not taking platinum plugs too well. Well, it ran ok for a day then got worse. Check Engine light came back on and I barely made it home. Even backing out of the driveway was a challenge.

Total miles on these plugs were about 20. I went to the dealer and picked up the Denso standard plugs. The standard Densos were pre-gapped at .030-ish. I say ish because .030 gap gauge went in but was tight. The Denso site recommended a gap of .035. The Haynes manual says .031. The dealer assured me they were pre-gapped. SO I left them as is. I took out the autolite's and checked their gap... almost .045! After only 20 miles on the plugs, they looked bad in my opinion. I have photos of them and will try an upload of them....first here goes.

Let me know what you think about these after only 20 miles.

The new Densos are in and it idles fine. I have yet to take it on the highway and see if the check engine light trips again. I am ready to pull my hair our over this.
The Tundra iforce v8 is not designed to run on platinum plug's which will damage the coil wires from what a few dealership have mentioned to me..
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