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2003 4 Runner Brakes

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Have 4Runner where the brakes work fine, but applying brake pressure is spongy, for lack of terms. When purchased at 55k miles, just barely applying pressure would stop immediately. In the last 40k miles the brakes are soft wsith more travel in the pedal. New pads, rotors turned, fluid flush, still takes a lot of brake pressure.
Thanks for suggestions.
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No answer in all honesty, but my 2003 4Runner brakes have recently gotten soft too at 42,000 miles. The dealer checked them and said all is well, with about 7mm of lining on the original pads, so i'll live with it. The brakes function fine, but the pedal travel is definitely longer.

I do have one question for ya...did you go with Toyota rotors and pads?
Rotors just turned and using Wagner brake pads. No difference than before repairs.
Sounds like you have air in the line. How did they flush the system?
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