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2003 4Runner, Noisy valves & Possible more

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I have a 2k3 4Runner with the V6. The engine runs with clicking valves that don't bother me that much at idle. Even when I rev the engine up while parked it sounds fine. When I'm driving it is a different story. When driving next to a wall or sound reflector of some sort the car sounds bad. It sounds like possible exaust leak which just amplifies the clicking valve(s). When the car is parked and running I cannot reproduce the sound. I've even tried holding something over the tailpipe while it is running to find the leak but to no availe. The 4runner operates without a check engine light, gas mileage has remained consistent, no abnormal discharge from the exause, no foamy oil, no loss of fluids (coolant, oil) and no loss of power.

Please help, just looking for some quality advice before folding and driving it to the dealer.
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I think the sound becomes obvious around 15 mph and goes away at around 60-65. It also does not go away after the car is warmed up.
I have the very same symptoms on my 2K3, 6cyl. I only really hear the tick when I am driving near a hard, sound reflecting surface. Otherwise, it's quiet.
Have you had it checked out? I find it strange, the car runs perfect otherwise.
Have you had it checked out? I find it strange, the car runs perfect otherwise.
I haven't had it checked. Compared to my 4-cyl 93 4R, this is so much quieter and smoother, it's hard to compare.
Check the Heat Shield over the muffler. Mine came loose on my 2003 4runner. Could only hear it when it echoed off something near me like a retaining wall and such. Also only heard it at low speeds.
Yeha, that dam muffler heat shield has been nothing but problems for me! I am thinking of just removing it
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