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2003 Sequoia wireless remote stop working today

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We bought the Sequoia 13 months, our first Toyota. Has 201K miles and running great.
Today one of the two remotes that came with the vehicle will not lock or unlock the doors.
I used the key to get in.
I just replaced the A23 battery in the remote and the little green lite on the remote comes on but it still will not wireless unlock.
The second remote does work and my wife keeps that key and remote.

One thing I did notice. The remote that still works when you push a button the green lite flashes. The remote that stopped working when you push a button the green lite is on steady and does not flash.

Is that a sign of something?

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The owners manual would have a procedure for the car to relearn a remote. If you don't have an owners manual, they are available in PDF form on Toyota's website.
I tried the manual but it did not work. I was hoping someone would see the different green light setup on the two remotes and might give a clue.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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