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For all those that are having difficulty programming a new remote. I have just spent a good part of my day searching online for the programming instructions to this remote. FCC ID: BAB237131-056. Enjoy!

The vehicle needs to have conditions met:
No key in the ignition cylinder,
Drive door unlocked,
Drives door opened, all others closed.

1. Within 5 seconds, insert the key into the ignition cylinder and remove. Do that 2 times.
2. Within 40 seconds, close and open drivers door twice. Insert the key into ignition and remove. (1 time), Close and open drivers door again 2 times. Reinsert key in the ignition and close the driver’s door. Turn ignition cylinder from lock to on and back to lock for each programming mode.

At this point, you’re at the programming menu. There are 6 different menu selections.
1. Add remote
2. Rewrite mode
3. Setting mode
4. Erease mode
5. Syncronization mode.

When selected mode is entered, the response is equal from ECU, door locks cycle, ECU chirps, tail lights blink.

if the number of lock-on-lock responses are 0, 3 or 7, there is no response.

Once in selected mode, press and hold remote lock button for 1 second. Door locks will cycle if programming accepted.

Remove key from lock cylinder to end programming mode.

This is actual procedure and it can be difficult to follow.

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i bet those people with gen 1 tundras would love to know about it over in their forum then.
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