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I've owned both the 2004 and 2006 Tundra DC 4.7L's.

I just got a 2007 also with the 4.7L.

A few impressions:

*feels more peppy
*better roll on w/out excessive down-shifting
*haven't found the speed-limiter yet, but 100mph is pretty easy
*tranny seems to be smarter...see above roll-on comment
*I'm pretty sure the engine/tranny is unchanged, which is weird..maybe a truck weight/size/length issues (DC vs single cab?)
*sequential shift feature - I totally dig it, but the auto works so well, I only have been using it off road and in 4x4 conditions
*brakes are Godly. Very strong, zero issues

Cruise control:
*thank God, the '07 cruise actually works..
*no excessive downshifting at the slightest hill
*'07 cruise works perfectly

*this is a much larger truck
*feels much taller/wider
*christ this is a huge door...
*bed is much much larger, deeper, etc

Dash board controls:
*much much much much better
*love the micro-adjust features
*love the feel of the knobs turning smoothly
*love the dual-zone heating/cooling
*gloss-black stereo looks dirty instantly..not crazy about that

Lighting controls:
*I'm loving the lighting controls
*especially the rear cargo area light
*i was annoyed by the '06, it would always come on every time i open a door
*now I can leave it to the door option, manually off, or manually on, all the time
*same for inside cab
*I know my '06 had a cargo-of feature, but it would reset every time a new door was opened

Cab storage:
*loving the under-seat storage on the front seat
*loving the middle arm rest seat fold down dealio
*loving the in-door little storage feature
*loving the dual-glove box thingie - my son loves the top one, for his little toys, stuffed animals, etc, his own little cubbie
*NOT loving that there is no change/coin storage feature in this truck..WTF?

*I don't carry a lot of heavy stuff
*but I do carry motorcycles and gear
*the '07 clearly carrys the load better - firmer
*doesn't sag or "feel loaded" with a couple dirt bikes in the rear
*with my bike and all my gear, cooler, gas tank - i can't tell it's there
*I don't understand the technical differences between 1/2, 3/4, and 1-ton, will start a new thread, but this feels much firmer than my '06

The Ride quality:
*this is definitely firmer than the '06
*less car-like, more truck-like
*I take it this is a natural progression of what they are trying to make this truck...on part with the domestics in the "big bad truck" category
*me likie...but you may not...

*finally, steel rear non-painted bumper...didn't care for the painted plastic before
*bed and bed rails feel stronger - I can walk on my bed-rails without them flexing under me (220lbs)
*love the option of the bedrail tie-down system, although mine doesn't have it installed - always an option
*love the tail-gate assist feature...1-handed up/down w/out effort
*the regular 6-disc changer stereo sounds as good or better than my '06 limited's JBL whatever...
*this is quieter than my '06 (road/wind noise)

Thats all I can think of right now.

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Good comparison. Nice to actually read about how much more functional and intuitive the 07 dash is instead of the usual "it's ugly and plasticky" crap.

Go to Wally World for a coin holder.
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