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2004 Sequoia Auto Antenna wiring question

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Hi all,

Like many of you, I have been a proud owner of a 2004 Toyota Sequoia. Over the past 3 years, I have made several mods to the truck, including wood steering wheel, steering wheel audio control, airbag replacement, rear entertainment, etc. (see all my posts) and my last success with adding an OEM Nav.

In my last adventure with the OEM Nav, the only problem (which is driving me crazy) is the audo-antenna. It automatically raises up EVERY SINGLE TIME that I start the car - even though the Radio feature on the Nav unit was OFF.

I have done my homework by reading through thousands and thousands of posts for the past several weeks, but am still unable to find any instruction on how to 1): identify and access to the power wire of the antenna motor that causes the antenna to raise up; or 2) add a switch to interrupt the power to the antenna.

I am honestly exhausted from reading, and searching. So, I need your help... PLEASSSSSSSEEEEEE.
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I had the same problem when I installed the Navigation system in my 03 LTD. needless to say that after carefully studying the diagrams for the 03 and the 05 the conclusion of the why the antenna goes up is because the wire that was used in the 03 to activate the antenna relay was hot only when the radio option was selected (AM or FM). in the 05 and later, this wire is hot all the time (as long as the key is in the acc or on position) to power the amplifier that is used with both the radio and the navigation voice. My solution to the antenna problem was to interrupt a line with a switch. this allows me to raise or lower the antenna at will. The wire that I interrupted is the wire #13 on the Head Unit connector R4 (20 pins). I'm attaching an image for illustration of the R4 connector. (I do not remember the color of the wire). I hope this helps you solve the problem.


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I installed a pioneer DVD unit in my truck and I also wanted to control the power antenna at will. I installed an interrupt switch, which when toggled on the antenna would go up, but when toggled off the antenna would not go down until the truck was turned off. Rather than spend anymore time on it, I bought an antenna adapter so the HU uses the smaller diameter antenna wire which goes to the the antenna inside the right rear window. Radio reception is good. The power antenna stays down all the time now.

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