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Two weeks ago we bring our Sienna to the body shop to repair a minor fix in the drive door.
During the repair the doors lock was reprogrammed.

Our Sienna has the OEM system radio 16840 with Entertainment DVD.

When they returns the Sienna we found out that the steering wheel "mode" button it's not working properly as it was;

Normal = press mode and status on radio was change to AM - FM1 - FM2 - CD - AUX and you can continues scrolling to AM - FM1, etc or press for a few seconds to turn "off" the radio or press a few seconds a turn "on" radio.

Actual = You can turn "off" and "on" radio OK. If the radio is on AM, you can scroll only FM1 - FM2. At the moment you select FM2 the mode button doesn't work anymore only if you manually change the radio to AM directly in the radio. The option for CD - AUX are not scrolling using the "mode" button in the steering wheel.

Even that you cannot select the "AUX" option in the radio, the entertainment screen turn "ON" display your options but "DVD" is grayout. You can try to insert a DVD in the slot and is not pulled by the DVD.

We bring the car to the Toyota service dealer that the body shop use to reprogram the doors lock.
The Toyota service dealer reinitialize the system, they check the "mode" button, the main cable that arrive to the steering wheel and they said that everything is OK.
But, they does not know what is the problem.

They are trying to contact the radio supplier for Toyota, but NO answers arrives.

The 3 radio fuses were inspected and are good.

any of the 3 options that are available to connect to the DVD does not respond.
- Mode button in the steering wheel doesnot scroll to AUX
- Radio disc button to nothing
- Using the remote controller directly in the sceen, you select DVD and do nothing
If somebody live this nightmare before and want to share the results , we really appreciate your commnets.
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