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I am trying to add a couple of switches for off-road lights and a backup camera.
I have seen on the forum several options such as tapping into the power-outlets or cigarette lighters.

1. Is there a way to take advantage of unused fuse slots to power accessories?

2. Is there a way to power add a relay so I can make the always-on power (10G from the battery) to the subwoofer turn off with the ignition.

3. there is an unused punch-out in the dash (see pics) that has that looks like it is already set up, perhaps for seat heaters (that I do not have)

adding a relay seems like a good way to make use of the 30+ Amp always-on power for multiple accessories.

I have a backup camera, I want to add another that is on with a switch rather than just in reverse
The offroad lights are LED and draw less than 15A,

Thank you!!!

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