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Hello all,

I've got an 04 Double cab that sat for a few months because the fan clutch mount busted a bearing. I decided to go ahead and do my timing belt and water pump since everything had to be removed anyway to get the old bracket off. She cranked up just fine (even though I had to jump it off). The only problem was she would run for about 10-15 minutes and then die. I assumed the alternator had just gone bad, so I replaced it. Same thing happened. Thought maybe I just got a bad refurb alternator so I got another one. Same Dam Thing.

I've checked fuses, all in tact. Checked grounds, Battery light DOES come on when key is in the on position. When the truck first cranks up I've got 14v on the battery terminals, slowly it starts to drop until it dies around 13V. If I hold the revs up just below 1000 RPM, voltage is fine and the truck will run indefinitely.

I'm at a loss. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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