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Just wondering if anyone is having troubles with the shift points in there trannys. This is my first auto in 30 years and it seems that the tranny shifts at very low rpms? Mine is shifting when driving in a regular manner, at or just before 2K on the tach. I know in order to save on gas they set the tranny to shift at low rpms, but this is low. Granted my gas mileage is great 22 city and near 26 highway according to the trip computer. I also notice erratic downshifting when decelerating.
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My 07 does the same thing & at first i didn't like it. I found myself manually shifting when i wanted it to. Doesn't bother me anymore. The downshifting is also normal and it helps with braking.

I like the 4-runner though....very tight & solid rig.
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