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2005 AC front door speaker mounting

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Hello all,
I was all set to install my Rainbow SLC's in the front doors of my 2005 Tundra AC using this trick, but it turns out the plastic factory front door baffles in my 2005 are different from those in the 2006 pictured in that thread so the trick wont work for me.:( I have a few ideas about how I'll go about mounting them, but I'm interested to hear from anyone who has installed aftermarket speakers in the front doors of a 2005 AC. What did you do to make it work? I'd prefer not to modify the window track unless it's absolutely necessary.
Any thoughts appreciated.

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hey man, I'm doing a complete overhaul on my 2005 Tundra AC in the next few weeks. Just waiting on the weather to warm up here.
I'll be using a 6.5" compnoent set in the front door and a 6.5" coaxial in the rear door. All Phoenix Gold speakers. Also using a 6500 PG amp to juice it all. I'm taking a full reference set of pictures of the entire process.
Given the pictorial size, I'll try and post the whole thing and keep you updated.
...can't wait for the upgrade!
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