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Hi everyone,

My front passenger side door light (the light on the bottom of the door that turns on when the door is opened) is very dim. There is one on the front driver side door as well and it is very bright (basically it is working as it should be).

The bulb is good and working properly.

I’m positive this is a wiring issue and feel like it is a grounding issue, but am not sure. I tried grounding the door light and got it shining bright again however, the door light would not turn off when the door was closed, so I obviously did not ground it correctly.?

On a side note, I’m sure that this issue is isolated just to the front passenger side door light because all of the other interior lights (dome light, map lights, etc.) that come on when a door is opened, work perfectly. Despite this, I even replaced the courtesy light switch inside the door jam.

Obviously I can live with this issue, but would like to fix it simply because I hate letting these things “beat me!” Lol

Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated!

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