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2005 TRD O/R rear bumper rust

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i have an '05 and was washing it today and noticed that there is specks of rust starting to appear on the corners of the bumper..... has anyone else noticed this or contacted toyota about it.. my truck has 30,000 miles and i park it in the garage EVERY night....

to the person who said they buffed the rust specs off.... wut did u use?

I am just posing this question because this is my first toyota.... i remember back in the day (late 80s..90s) the toyotas and nissans would run forever but would rust like crazy. just paranoid i guess.... thanks so far for the responses....
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Yeah, I also have an '05. Also, just rolled 30k and also just noticed some rust forming on the inside of my rear bumper. The outside appears to be fine, but up inside it's starting to look pretty ugly! It seems to be a bit early in the game to be thinking about rust. Especially since I am super concious of hosing out the underside of the truck every time I wash it just to make sure there is no dirt trapping water near any metal.
I agree my 2005 35,900 miles is starting to show some rust in the frame in a bunch of different places like near welds, or corners or the bottom of the rails or even where the factory holes are in the frame. I have an 89 Jeep wrangler 77,000 miles with less rust on the frame. What gives, thinking of coating it with rust converter and rubber coating and thoughts?
My 04 Tundra had the little rust spots on the bumber every spring ...from the salty roads in WI. I'd use a little polish and scrub them off. It was annoying, but it only really showed in spring. My 2007 Taco will most likely have the same issue when spring finally gets here (can't wait).

My buddies new 06 Silverado does the same thing.
I have frame rust in places...but I haven't thought much about it...I'm sure it isn't that big of a deal now, but I hope it doesn't pose an issue later on...

this thread will be more interesting when people start to have something other than cosmetic issues with the rust...

speaking of rust...anyone looked real close at the outside upper corner of their headlights...I think they have bounced around a little bit and created a non painted spot that is rusted
After reading this thread - I checked mine. And sure enough, the inside of the bumper looks horrible. Full of rust. And it's not just a fine cover, it's big deep spots.
Mine is an '06, 1 year old, 13K miles.
This is ridiculous. Anybody think that this bumper will last for 10 years (another 9)? I don't.
This is a flaw with every toyota bumper that I know. They start to rot from the inside out from day 1. I try to keep them clean on the ouside and spray some undercoater on the inside before rust forms but it does not keep them from rotting. I think it is because the way the metal is sandwiched to give support for the pulling a trailer on the bumper.
I live in New Hampshire and bought a new 2005 Quad Cab Tacoma in September 2005. My truck has only seen two very mild winters worth of salted road conditions. I wash the under body of my truck frequently. This spring I noticed that surface rust is breaking out all over my truck’s frame, at the weld joints, on the flat surfaces of the frame and anywhere something is bolted to the frame. I have talked to the service department at Toyota of Nashua, NH where I bought the truck and they state that no other customers have brought this problem to their attention as yet. I am a mechanical engineer and I design and work with metals, undercoating and painted finishes all the time. Based on my experience, it is my opinion that a properly paint two-year-old truck frame should not have this much rust breaking through the paint on the frame as mine does. All Toyota advertisements I have always seen, stress the durability and extremely long service life expectancy of their vehicles. The entire reason I bought my Toyota was based on their long-standing track record of high quality and customer satisfaction. Working with the dealership we escalated this situation to the New England District Service & Parts Manager trying to get Toyota to repair the rust break through problem. I presented the idea that there may be a Toyota design problem with the undercoat and paint system specified for the 2005 Tacomas and or that the coating materials were not applied correctly to my specific truck. The New England District Service & Parts Manager is basically stating that all frames start to rust eventually and that Toyota has no obligation to repair the frame rust even thought the truck is only two years old. My local dealership is now saying this problem is in the hands of New England District Service & Parts Manager and if I am not satisfied with their response I may have to go through the arbitration process with corporate Toyota USA to get this rust problem addressed and corrected.
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Blazing, there is no need to copy and paste the same post into every thread about rust .... :confused:
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