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I finished this install last June '09. Finally got around to posting the pics. Many of the installation ideas I got from right here. Thanks for all the great tips and hopefully I added a few more. It took about 2 1/2 months to complete everything working on weekends when I could. I bought all the major components through internet sources.

My Requirements:
1. Nav, DVD, iPod, Bluetooth phone, back camera
2. Detachable face needed as I travel & work in places with crime zones
3. All components to fit in stock spaces
4. Dynamat all doors, floor and back wall

Build List w/prices:
JVC KW-NX7000 stereo nav unit 683.81
JVC BS-BTA200 bluetooth adapter 99.99
JVC KV-CM1 rear view camera 139.99
JVC KS-PD100 ipod adapter 19.95
Rainbow SL-165 pr. Rear speakers 179.00
Rainbow SLC-265.25NG pr. Front components 259.00
Punch P3SD410 shallow sub 10" 104.00
Alpine PDX-5 75Wx4 + 300Wx1 365.00
Dynamat 36 sq. ft 134.95
Dynamat 20 sq. ft 80.00
PAC SWI-JACK steering wheel control interface 46.99
Street Wires PSK04R amp power kit 52.10
Bazooka FAST-8113 harness 26.44
Harness adapter, bracket kit, rca cable 29.06
RFI-16 2 pr. 16ft RCA phono cables (13.50/pr) 27.00
Lowe's terminals, glue, 33 tape, towels, fast orange 19.95
Locktite metal epoxy 7.00
3M double sided tape 11.00
Home depot sub box supplies, MDF, sheet metal 77.00
Lowe's wallpaper roller for Dynamat 3.00
Home Depot butt splices and terminals 4.24
Radio Shack adapter, tie wraps, butt splicers 11.86
Radio Shack Heat Shrink 3.78
TOTAL = $2,385.11

Click on link for the install pics on flickr.

2006 Tundra JVC Nav Install

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That is a clean install! Looks good and I'm sure it sounds good!:tu:
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