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Have a 2006 DC with 234k miles. I bought it about 4 yrs ago @ 190k miles. Clean, well maintained truck that runs like a champ. Lives in NC now but used to be in MD.

There are two areas of rust/delamination that I'm worried about. They are not exactly on the frame itself but a smaller supporting piece that looks attached to the frame. This piece extends from just over the attach point for the rear leaf spring forward under a cross member. Pics attached. I've inspected as much of the rest of frame as possible and I don't see any other areas of major concern

1-Is this individual piece replaceable?
2-How worried should I be? Was about to drop some additional $ into it, I'd like to get another 5-6 years out of it.

I'm planning to take to the dealer to look at it but wanted to go in with some ideas. Thanks,


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