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I have a silver 2006 double cab long bed TRD Sport. So far I have purchased a snugtop xtra vision canopy so I can sleep in the back and an OME front and rear suspension kit for the truck. I use it for camping and exploring but no serious 4 wheeling.

A) I havent put the canopy or the suspension on yet and was wondering if anyone had any photos of this truck with the OME and stock 17 inch rims so i could get an idea of what it will look like?

B) I was wondering if you BFG ATs would last driving to work on a freeway daily and going off road on the weekends? Should I be looking at some other brand thats better? I personally like the look and function (we have a lot of rutted muddy trails in seattle) of a tall MT tires like TacoDocs truck. Can someone reccomend a good AT?

C) I notice no one seems to have the DC LB. I assumed it was because the wheelbase is too long for serious wheeling. is that the case? Does anyone use it for hard trails? Whats your setup?

I love the forum and thanks in advance.

Dave in Seattle.
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