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2006 DC Limited key Fob REprogram

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Hey there,
So I ran across this video on YouTube of a guy re-programming his key fob so that when he hits the unlock button once it unlocks both of his doors on and access cab. What I’m trying to find out is if I can reprogram my key fob so that when I hit the unlock button once it unlocks all 4 doors but still keeping the 2nd unlock function. See I have a pop n lock on my tail gate that is wired up to the rear doors and my camper shell’s pop n lock is connected to the tailgate. Well I just answered my own question, kinda, because my bed components are connected to my rear doors when I unlock the rear doors it unlocks the bed. Does anyone know if I can program the fob/truck to unlock the 4 doors with one press on the unlock button and unlock the bed components with the 2nd Press on the unlock button ? I’m not sure if that could be done.
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