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I just finished installing a new Pioneer 8200NEX and aftermarket separates in my 06 Tundra DC and wanted to pass along what I learned. I want to be sure to recognize that a lot of what I am posting here is pulled from other forum members and I simply added some additional details for my specific configuration in case it will help someone. It is crazy hard to find info on these JBL wiring harnesses. I bypassed the JBL amp using a Metra 70-8117 amp bypass wiring harness and replaced the HU and all OEM speakers. I hope someone will benefit from the information.

The following solution will work with the 2006 Double Cab SR5 with 8 speaker JBL Audio system. It may work with other configurations which may contain more or less wiring, but the primary wires should be the same for this model year and cab configuration.

This solution involves bypassing the OEM amp completely using the Metra 70-8117 Power/Amp bypass harness and replacement of all factory speakers with aftermarket ones.
The factory head unit wiring code is very hard to find and decipher, I was able to figure out the functions of all but one wire in the large 20 pin white plug. However if using all aftermarket equipment, you will only need a few of the wires (12V Constant, 12V Switched, Chassis Ground, Illumination and Mute).

Radio Primary (Large) 20 Pin White Molex connector:
Pin numbers run horizontally (1 through 10 and 11 through 20).

Pin 1- Blue/yellow wire: 12V DC Constant Power
Pin 2- Green wire: Illumination Circuit
Pin 3- No Wire
Pin 4- No Wire
Pin 5- Blue Wire: TX+
Pin 6- No Wire
Pin 7- Mute wire
Pin 8- Red: Right + speaker output to amp
Pin 9- Black: Left + speaker output to amp
Pin 10- Black: Supposed to be Chassis Ground. However, My vehicle did not indicate continuity to ground on this pin. Therefore, I used Pin 20 which is a Brown wire and was a good ground source for my vehicle.

Pin 11- Gray: 12V Switched (Accessory) Power
Pin 12- Yellow/Silver: (Unknown)
Pin 13- No Wire
Pin 14- No Wire
Pin 15- Light Green: TX-
Pin 16- No Wire
Pin 17- No Wire
Pin 18- White: Right – Speaker output to amp
Pin 19- Green: Left – speaker output to amp
Pin 20- Brown: Chassis Ground

Radio secondary 20 pin white medium size connector on factory harness contains the Steering Wheel Audio function wires.

Pin 6- Gray with red: Jumper this to ground when using Metra ASWC-1
Pin 7- Light green with red: Connect to Green/Orange wire of Metra ASWC-1
Pin 8- Brown with white/yellow stripe: Connect to Black/Green wire of Metra ASWC-1

Third radio connector (Small gray connector) will no longer be used.

So, in order for your new aftermarket radio to function, you will need the 12V DC, 12V ACC, Ground, illumination and mute wires ONLY in the Large white 20 pin harness.


Next, you will need to unplug the factory amp and install the Metra 70-8117 amp by-pass harness to the large plug that is removed from the amp. For my vehicle, the amp was located on the driver’s side, behind the back panel behind the rear seats. I had to fold the rear seats forward, remove the two (2) star shaped cargo net holders (SEE NOTE BELOW) and the small access panel on the passenger side to get to the bolt/screw inside. Then you will have to pry around the edges like a door panel as the panel is fastened with the same type of snap in pins.

NOTE: These are odd fasteners and can be broken easily if you do not know how to remove them. Here are some photos of what the pins look like when removed and the instructions for removing them:

As for the Metra 70-8117 harness simply plug it into the large connector that is removed from the amp. You can now reinstall the back panel in reverse order of the removal.


Wiring the speakers was odd in that the wiring color codes changed several times between the head unit and the speakers. Also the front doors utilized special wiring to accommodate the three way factory speaker setup there. You will want to cut these wires at the door and follow the wiring chart in the attached .bmp file to get the aftermarket speakers to work properly. Two of the wires will not be used on each of the front doors unless you would have run two separate wires to the door for some special speaker setup. I used separates and only needed two wires that ran to the aftermarket crossover and then the crossover ran to the individual speakers.

The rear speakers are simply: Red is + White is -

You will need to modify the factory speaker housings, buy Schosche or Metra speaker adapters or fabricate adapters for the front speakers yourself. You can also use 6.5 inch speakers in the rear doors so I wouldn’t limit myself to 5.25” speakers although the adapters will work with either. Be careful with the depth though as the window comes pretty close to the speakers.


To remove cluster:
1. Remove the two screws in the top of the black trim bezel.
2. 2. Tip the top forward and work it out from around the steering wheel. You may need to pull the top edge of the dash lower trim panel on the right side just above the ignition key to remove the bezel. No tools are required just pull towards you gently and it will release enough to clear the bezel. Push lower panel top edge back in when bezel is removed.
3. Remove the 4 Phillips head screws holding the instrument cluster.
4. Remove both electrical wiring plugs from rear of instrument panel by depressing release button/clip while pulling out.

You will need to pull the instrument cluster to easily access the following wires if required for your particular installation (Typical for any Navigation system with Backup camera):

Speed Sensor Wire: This is the Green/Orange wire with Silver Tic Marks located in the factory instrument wiring harness in the right side connector that you just removed.

Reverse Light Sensor Wire: This is the Red/Black wire with Silver Tic Marks located in the factory instrument wiring harness in the right side connector that you just removed.


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Great writeup and lots of info.

What speakers did you install?

Did you or are you planning to use a seperate amp?

Thanks for the great info!

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What's your opinion on the 8200NEX? I just bought an 04 DC with JBL and looking into upgrading the sound. Starting with the HU.

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TunOFun2006 - Thank you SO MUCH for writing this article. You are very correct that our models are difficult to find accurate information on. My Toyota Tundra 2006 DC w/ JBL setup has the amp behind the rear left seat (the brackets holding the plastic to the back are not so easy to remove) and wiring has proven difficult. With your article I will be purchasing the required bypass part and steering wheel control interface to properly install my aftermarket radio. I will try to attach some pictures I have of the various plugs (there are two plugs in my factory radio, with a third 2-wire (speed sensor, reverse light) that was not connected, and two plugs in the amp in the rear).
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