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2006 Tundra SR5 help please ?

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I have a 2006 Tundra SR5 4X4 access cab 4 dr ......
I am looking for help on installing an aftermarket headunit, I want the proper wiring harness for this truck so I don't have to cut anything. The one I get from the stores is wrong. Is there a proper wiring kit for this truck or can someone tell me what i am missing to install my aftermarket deck?? if you prefer to email me go ahead or pm me i really need help with this!!!!
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Crutchfield should have it as well
ok i have bought this harrness and it is the wrong one it does not plug into the factory harness behind the stock deck is there something i am missing ? cause the factory harness has more connections than this one has 13 not 10 on the one and 6 or something on the other i forget now i would have to look again????
call crutchfield support they love to hear about the wrong cable being sold cause they generly have there ducks in a row.
make sure you havent forgotten to unplug the factory amp. I bought four harnesses before i realized this.
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