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2006 XLS Not Starting After Alternator Install UPDATE

I just replaced my alternator. It was not charging the battery.

I started the car up this morning, drove it into the garage and began the work. It was a PITA trying to get this alternator out and the new one in. After figuring it out, got it all back together, plugged in all of the wires that had to be removed in order to do the job. Reinstalled the serpentine belt. Went to start and no fire from the engine. It turns over just fine. Battery is sitting at 12.38v.

I ordered an alternator. I got a denso remanufactured alternator. After doing some further research, my original alternator is a 100 amp denso unit. I was shipped a 130 amp unit that has a p/n that does not fit my car. It does fit other toyota and lexus cars, just not mine.

Could the alternator be stopping the engine from firing?
The reman alternator fits and bolts up the same as the oem of the car.
I'm thinking of reinstalling the oem alternator just to see if that is infact the problem.
Ofcourse I'm getting in contact with the company I bought the reman, alternator and asking the same question. However, I'm guessing they're going to tell me it will work fine for my application.


Update 9/30/15

Finally pulled the newly installed alternator out. Found that when I pulled the alternator back out, when yanking on the lower bracket, I pulled the crank position sensor wires out. Doesn't look like the alternator was the problem.....I hope..

Now I have to figure out how the heck to install either a new sensor or get the wires back into the sensor.
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