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2007 Bed Rust Repair

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Hello fellow Tundra owners. This is my first post so I am not really sure what I am doing. I recently purchased a 2007 Limited 5.7L 4x4 and poorly negotiated after pointing out the orange showing through the spray on bed liner. After reading up online, I figured I'd better get in there and halt this cancer now. I am not 100% sure of the approach, but this is what I figured:
Cut out spray on around rust.
Wire wheel clean if surficial from the top, prime and respray
Open holes, wire wheel.
Lift bed off.
Sand blast frame rust points, prime, coat with something.
Sand blast bed bottom rust points, prime, coat with something.
Not sure how to cover over holes. I might have a few pieces of steel cut and welded into cut out hole.
Extend mud flaps inside to protect bed bottom where rocks and sand and water blast frame and bed bottom from rear wheels.
Any suggestions?


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Welcome to the site. Best way to search here is on the top right side of any page. See that lower case "g" that's white with a blue box around it? Type a search in there. In this case type in something like "bed rust". You will see you are not alone. If you don't find the answers to your questions in one of those existing threads ask your question there. Members subscribe to certain threads so they get notifications when someone adds to one of those threads. You will get more responses if you post in one of those threads. Here's an
few examples.

Oh yeah, and take your truck to Krown and get it rustproofed. The bed isn't the only place rust forms. Especially for those of us that live in the rust belt.
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Thanks for the welcome and the directions! Gerry.
I can offer some advice based on my repair. Went through the same thing, and I even knew about the problem before cutting the cheque. Haha

I have quite a few pictures - is your profile name your actual email?
I had the same problem show up on the 2007 sr5 i had before trading it in on a 2014. I had taken back to linex for a warranty defect because the liner had bubbled in three spots. When they removed the spray liner material the bed was rusted all the way through. You couldnt see those areas underneath the truck.
There is a tsb on this. I actually got a new bed replacement. The only thing they wouldn't do was replace the
linex spray in bed liner. I don't know if toyota will do anything for a second owner but it might be worth a shot.
It was something to do with the welding process during the manufacturing process the way i am remembering it. Water got trapped between the metal.
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