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2007 Paint

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I just purchased a 2007 Camry XLE V6 and love it. I just washed and waxed the car for the first time and had a chance to go over the paint. I noticed that this car has the worst orange peel of any I have ever seen. The paint along the bottom of all dors has tons of pin holes where it looks like they painted over undercoating at the bottom of the doors and there is dirt in the paint on the hood and drivers door. By the way the car is super white. What happened to quality control? My question is how would you proceede? The delaer wants to see it but if they offer to repaint the areas or the entire car I really dont want a new car with a non factory paint job, what happens in 5 years when the paint looks like crap. How would you proceede? Otherwise I love the car. Thanks.
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Go to the dealer and see what they say.
I would suggest you take it to the dealer and have them validate the issue...then ask them to call Corp and see what they say...if you don't like the Torrance yourself and ask for the same ticket number that the dealer opened in your name.
I have the 50th Anniversary in Blizzard Pearl. the paint is almost perfect. But the 2 side mirrors suck... orange peel like mad

anyone else
I will try to get it to the dealer as soon as I can and let you know how it went. I have looked at a few others in the area and the orange peel is almost as bad. I thought Toyotas were suposed to be better than this. I love the car but this will probably be my first and last toyota.
I hate to say it but out of all the different manufacturers of cars I have owned Toyota consistently has the worst paint. It's not even close. Our Camry's paint chips if you even look at it wrong, our old Camry and my Tundra do the same thing. My Ford (which was a POS by the way) had way better quality paint.
Love their cars, hate their paint.
I would take it back to the dealer and see if they can do anything for you. Might as well get some touch-up paint while you're're going to need it.
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