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2007 Tacoma VS 2002 Sequoia Towing

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I have an option to buy a 2007 Tacoma TRD V6 Acces Cab. My question is I would be using it for towing my 3 place enclosed snowmobile trailer and 3 snowmobiles.

I have no issue towing it with my 2002 Sequoia Limited and wondering if the 2007 Tacoma will tow the package just as nice?

My concern is the 2002 Sequoia from looking at numbers has more HP and more TQ than the Tacoma. They both seem to tow up to 6500 pounds.

I may be towing a 22 foot boat too. So I would the sleds/trailer is around 3,500 and the boat is around 5,000 pounds.

I am just afraid the Tacoma tranny is going to be working over time with 266 TQ. The Seqoia has 315 TQ and does work a little harder towing the boat.

Any input would be great.

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