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This past week I have taken in my '07 Tundra in for the 25k mile service and I needed my alignment done. (All my service is done at the dealership because of their "auto-4-life program") After waiting a couple hours, they finished. The service guy said must have hit something hard because the toe was out so much and they have to "heat it up" to loosen the bolt. Here are the alignment specs from the printout -
Primary Angles: Initial Specifications(min/max) Final
Front: Caster: Left 3.3° 1.9° - 3.4° 3.2°
Right 3.0° 1.9° - 3.4° 3.0°
Camber: Left -0.3° -1.0° - 0.5° -0.3°
Right 0.2° -1.0° - 0.5° 0.2°
Toe: Left 0.60° 0.10° - 0.25° 0.15°
Right 0.15° 0.10° - 0.25° 0.15°
Right 0.75° 0.20° - 0.50° 0.30°

As I was driving to pick up my daughter, I noticed it was still pulling to the right. First figured it was the road until I was driving on an interstate and all the way in the left lane and I was still pulling right. I drove some more and had a friend get in the truck with me. He said it was pulling for him as well. The pulling is not dramatic; however, it is annoying and figured it should have been fixed. I took it back after calling them and they had the mechanic come out and talk to me and he took it for a text drive. He came back and it is very slight. Then he said that it was to be blamed on the tires because they are feathering?. He also said that this is the first time Toyota put 20inch rims on a truck and that could be the problem.

I told him that the alignment was done in November of '08 because another mechanic said the tires were cupping because of a noise I told him about. The noise from a TSB that had to deal with the 4x4 engaging and not properly disengaging. (I had to tell them this was the problem) Also, when I brought my truck in Nov. '08 they said, according to their spec sheet, that my tires had gained tread. from 8/32's all around to 9 and 10/32's. Which is another reason they did the alignment.

After going back and forth, I asked to speak to the service manager. Then he decided to rotate the front tires with each other. (My tires are rotated every 5k miles, front to back). I left and returned 3 hours later. Still no progress. I get a phone call at 8pm, stating my truck is finished(they close at 11pm). I go to pick it up but no one can tell what they did to fix it. Here are those specs.

Primary Angles: Initial Specifications(min/max) Final
Front: Caster: Left 3.4° 1.9° - 3.4° 3.2°
Right 3.0° 1.9° - 3.4° 3.3°
Camber: Left -0.3° -1.0° - 0.5° -0.4°
Right 0.1° -1.0° - 0.5° -0.1°
Toe: Left 0.20° 0.10° - 0.25° 0.10°
Right 0.20° 0.10° - 0.25° 0.15°
Right 0.40° 0.20° - 0.50° 0.25°

After taking it home, I drive a different way home. I still have the same problem, the slight pull to the right. So, I am dropping it off again on Monday.

The questions I have:
- Is there something I am missing?
- Are the 20'' tires the problem? -bs?
- Do they really need to use heat to loosen/tighten a bolt? -bs?

Thanks for your help
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