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I have been reading drive axle problems with the 07 Tundra, I installed a 3 in leveling kit and started to experience vibration problems at speeds between 20-50 mph going away in 4WD took it to the dealer and was told the leveling kit caused the differential bearing and the axle splines to wear do to the extra torque being applied from the sharper angle. This is happening on the left axle only and as you might have guessed no they will not cover it under warranty about $2500.00 parts/labor. However the mechanic also stated they have had a few problems with non-modified trucks and the solution was a new differential and axle. I inspected my truck and found the axle is loose where it enters the differential, there answer does not seen to fit what I found because if the extra torque caused the axle/differential to wear that much I would have difficulty moving the axle shaft up and down also why in 4WD does the vibration go away?
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