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Question - just bought my 2007 crewmax about a month ago - love it so far - (upgraded from the 2002 tundra access) - it has the 5.7L and 2 wd

I was told since I have a 5 1/2 foot bed getting a gooseneck trailer might not be the best idea for turning issue reasons - ideas on this?

If I cannot get a GN and even if I can - still looking at bumper pulls

I would like to get a 3 horse slant weighing empty about 4000 lbs (3800-4200 is the range) --- 3 horses will approximately weight 3000 lbs --- gear anywhere from a couple hundred to another thousand pending how long I am gone

in the truck bed - nothing unless camping then a couple bales of hay

say 3 people in cab of truck - women ranging 130-200 lbs

Trying to cover all the stuff I have seen people ask

I am in particular looking at a Logan Maverick XL - 3H BP - if you need to look at specs

What do I need to know to hook this up - I already got my electric brake controller - I have always had a 2 horse and some are telling me I might need a distribution bar for upgrading to a 3h? I really do not want to deal with one of these...

I have not hauled my 2 horse with the truck yet since not riding due to heavy rain here in Cali

Also what will hauling this due to my gas mileage? I know my 2002 went from 16mpg average to hauling between 8-10 --- I am averaging 15.X right now in the 2007 - curious how much of a decline I can expect with the hauling and bigger engine

I do not want to overload the truck and ensuring I am not over doing this -

Thank you for any and all help

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Ok, great questions. I think I can answer them all for you, as I have been in the exact same boat as you.

Ok, first off... the goose neck is not a great idea if you have the short box. and, the box (bed) of the Crew Max is REALLY short. However, you can buy an extender piece for the goose neck that gives you another six inches.

See here for a pic and price of that product. We personally use this.

Now, your engine and brakes are sufficient with a brake controller.

Now, you are going to be up near 10,000 lbs (don't forget water. You need tons of water for you and the horses, and water is very heavy. 7 lbs a gallon). This is a LOT for a bumper pull, because the back suspension on the '07 isn't great. See my pics. I too had a Logan (the white 2 horse slant you see under the title 'bed sag'). See how much that weighed down the truck? that was only with one horse in there. So, the truck is plenty tough, but the rear leaf springs leaf a bit to be desired. I installed air bags on my truck, so I can custom inflate the height of the rear ride.

However, having a goose neck fixed this problem immediately, as the weight sits of the axle instead of the bumper. If you do NOT have a tool box of any kind in the back, I think you will be ok to do the goose neck and use the extender.

I do not think you need sway controller bars, personally. We tow our horses a lot, so if you have any questions you are welcome to drop me a line offline... or if you would like more pics of our old and current set up.

lono33 at

* oh... mileage. Your mileage won't drop too much, because it already sucks now. Ours goes from about 17 highway 13 city to 11 mpg towing.
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