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2007 Tundra Price? Engine Question? etc

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Just want to say "hello" and glad I am happy to be able to have joined this forum. I'm in the market for a new pickup and over the last few months changed my mind from Dodge or Ford. I'm sick of the engine problems with Dodge trucks over the last few years.

After seeing the msrp on the new Tundra, knowing of Toyota's reliability, and owning Toyota stock which has been KICKING @SS, I'm sold on the Tundra.

I'm planning on buying an SR5 Extended Cab 4x4 with the long bed with no options added -- it already has everything I need and more. When I go to the Toyota website and put in this selection it immediately changes the engine choice from 4.7L to 5.7L. This, of course ups the price. On I am able to select the long bed with a 4.7L engine. Is the 5.7 necessary. I won't be towing anything heavy, just carrying a small boat. Does anyone know, is this a selection I can choose when ordering a tundra? I'll be paying cash for this vehicle. How much should I pay? I saw several New Tundras on Ebay over the last month and some were 'buy it now' for $1K, $2K, and even a bit more UNDER invoice. If anyone has already bought a Tundra, I'm interested in knowing your buying experience and how much you paid.

Thank you,
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Welcome, Ed!

The build your own on the Toyota web site is awful. Ignore it.

Despite the fact that the Tundra is new, there is some significant discounting going on already -- Toyota may have priced the truck is tad high given the current market.
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