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Hey what's up guys... hey this is my first post on this forum.... but anyways here it goes...

So I've got this 2007 Tundra with right around 250,000 miles on it. And what I noticed last month, which was actually shortly after changing my stock rear diff fluid, I noticed a seeping rear end leak coming from my pinion seal. so i went ahead and cracked it open and "PSSSSSSTTTTT" out came a LOT of pressure out of the thing. so now even about a month or so later I've got a truck that's parked over at my shop because the rear ends almost completely shot!!! I mean you can hear a clunking sound which is at like a certain part of the driveshaft's rotation... and after crawling under it I can almost turn the driveshaft almost a full complete rotation all the way around before it stops...

So I guess my questions are as follows...

1 ---> exactly how much do u think I screwed this thing up? And do u think it would have been prevented if I would've caught the vent being, obviously clogged, in time a while ago.

2 ---> exactly how difficult will it be to repair / rebuild this thing myself?

I've got one full rear end rebuild under my belt but that's on my old 95 mustang which I wanna say had a 3:73 resend in it. But i've Also done countless swaps. Y'know just taking the entire axle assembly out and replacing it with a new one...

But I thank you in advance for any input at all on this matter as I know exactly how valuable ones time really is!!!

Oh yeah just a little more detail about the truck. I gotta assume that I've got a 4:30 rear end cuz it's an 07 SR5 TRD edition and has a two package on it...
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