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2008 Crewmax Fuel Canister Questions.... HELP!

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I have a 2008 Crewmax. My check engine light has been coming up and I am pulling all the codes that match the TSB that states "water or debris entry into the evap control system through the fresh air inlet." This makes since considering some water damage incurred by the previous owner. I bought the truck knowing about this issue and am now just trying to get it fixed so my check engine light will be useful for everything else.

I pulled the canister, blew out the hoses and saw that there are no cracks to holes in the plastic and it looks ok from the outside.

I guess my questions are: Is there anything i can do or check before I spend 800 dollars on a new one? Can I try and dry this thing out somehow? And how can I be sure that the canister is the problem in the first place? Everything indicates it is but I want more certainty before I blast 800 bucks on a new one. Any comments/advise/direction will be much appreciated.
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