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2008 Sequoia- Is it time to replace spark plugs?

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2008 Sequoia- Is it time to replace spark plugs?

I bought my 2008 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4WD 5.7L in June '17 with 197 K mi.. Currently at 226 K mi..

Wife & I drive mixed rural & highway speeds throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest..

Sequoia treated to all Amsoil fluids, oil and oil filter..
Breathes through an AFE Pro Dry S air filter..

5.7L V8 runs great & steadily performs at 11.5 MPG..
No start, idle, driveability, ECM or power issues..

Here's the deal..
I can find no record of spark plugs being replaced.

I've talked to Toyota techs & auto-savvy buddies who own 2nd Gen Sequoias & Tundras..

Nearly all say since it runs like a top & all else appears to be in great shape, they would think long & hard before replacing the spark plugs..

What do you all think?
Any helpful advice & shared experiences welcomed..
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A quick search and I was surprised to find many people who have gotten 200k miles on original plugs (Camrys, Mazda, etc). Even if they are still working the gap is probably way off. I would change them. if you are considering DIY and have never changed plugs I would recommend having a reputable shop do it. I did my own and it’s not difficult. The issue you have is the age and miles that they have been in there will require special attention. The aluminum head and spark plugs have dissimilar metals which can cause corrosion and be difficult to remove without stripping engine threads or breaking the plugs. Prob need to use pb blaster and use just the right amount of force to get them out. Only buy new plugs from a reputable source. Amazon and eBay have counterfeits! I got mine from for 1/3 price of dealer.

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