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I just got a 2008 Tacoma with the factory 1-CD radio (non-JBL) installed.

I have a 30GB video iPod that I would like to use while driving the truck. I've searched this forum and others, but there are so many iPod threads it's very difficult to sift through everything and find the best way.

I found this Crutchfield adapter and this Grom adapter, and I just don't know what makes the Crutchfield cost nearly three times as much, or whether it's worth it.

For what it's worth, I mainly use the iPod for podcasts, not music. I'm not sure that it would be easy to control the playback of podcasts via the Tacoma head unit.

So I would appreciate any feedback. Does any kind of adapter allow a person to conveniently cycle through podcasts via the Toyota factory radio? Or would it be better try some other kind of aftermarket radio?
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