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Does anyone here have any experience with progressive navigation unit failures in later model Tundras? My 2008 limited nav unit has been crashing increasingly frequently over the last month. It works fine and then suddenly gives me the "No DVD" error with instructions to re-insert the map DVD. It then loads the OS and starts working again, although it takes about 3 minutes to figure out where the vehicle actually is. I took it into service and they claimed it was a faulty battery with voltage spikes. After a free battery upgrade, the unit now crashes and stays dead for minutes to hours. Before, it tried to reboot repeatedly until it was successful, now it doesn't even get that far. This evening, it crashed almost immediately, and even the instrument lights for the buttons (driving lights on, internal buttons with lights on) didn't work. They would come on for about 4 seconds and then go off and stay off for a minute before repeating the process over and over. Once I briefly saw a "No DVD" message, but then the whole thing went dark/dead and stayed that way. I spoke with the service writer again today and he gave me a story about the factory XM unit not getting along with the nav unit, but that they had to look in to it further and would get back to me.

It seems to me that the unit has a fundamental problem with its' boot sequence/power management system. It reminds me of a computer failure when the ROM/BIOS is corrupt and even the start up sequence can't go forward. Anyone with any idea of how these units actually start up and/or what else might be the problem?

Obviously, I'm going to have to demand a warranty replacement, but I'd like to know if there are any external issues that might be causing such behavior. Thanks.
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