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I just bought this truck Sunday. 2008 5.7L DC 4x2 with 170K miles.

It has a medium-high pitched whine starting at about 45MPH that gets louder up til about 50MPH and then quiets down at 60MPH+. Doesn't change if I put it in neutral. Sounds like it's coming from front, but it's hard to say for sure.

Gets quieter when I turn to the right. Stays same when I turn to the left. Based on this I was thinking this was going to be front right wheel bearing. Replaced it last night and it didn't fix it. I'd ordered two bearing/hub assemblies but only one has arrived. Will change the other one when it gets here but there weren't any obvious signs of problems with either wheel when I jacked it up. They both turned smooth. No wobble.

Tires are pretty new looking Bridgestone Dueler 255/70/R18's, but I haven't eliminated that it might be a wheel balancing or tire related problem. The guy I bought it off had eliminated the TPMS sensors, so I'm wondering if maybe he mounted the tires himself.

When the other wheel bearing comes, my plan is to install it and swap the front wheels around. If it's not the bearing (and I doubt it will be at this point), then I can at least see if the problem follows the wheel/tire. Honestly, I'm a little worried the whine is coming from something else entirely. Kinda hard to pinpoint its source.

I also have an 04 Sequoia with KUMHO 275/55/R18's that I have considered to swap onto the front as a test to see if it eliminates the noise but I'm a little nervous if they will "fit". Any thoughts about that? Any other suggestions of what to check or how to approach the troubleshooting?

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