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2010 4Ruuner -ECP ?

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I would like to seek advise from those mechanically incline members on purchase of ECP for 2010 4Runner Trail Edition. Experiences with ECP on Toyota SUV are welcome as well.

This is a new model year for 4Runner with limited production. There may only be a limited number of these vehicles on the road in the future, due low demand on full frame vehicles with poor gas mileage. Not to mention service and part may be limited as a result to dealership only. The 4Runner Trail edition comes with standard KDSS in Canada. This technology is not available on any other Toyota and only available on very limited number of Lexus in Canada.

I am low mileage user, using the vehicle for recreational purposes including hunting in Ontario (not an off road driver for the sake of off roading). My annual mileage is approximately 15,000klm to 20,000klm (9000 to 12000 miles).

The cost of ECP for 7years / 160,000 Klm (100,000 mil) is $2,500. My dealer claims there is a $400 mark up on the ECP. I can probably get this for $2,100.

Do you recommend purchasing this ECP?

Thank You,
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Is and ECP an extended service plan? If so what are the terms and coverage?
Yes, ECP stands for Extra Care Protection

The coverage is as follow:
Engine block and all internally lubricated mechanical components, cylinder heads, timing chain tensioner, valve covers, oil pan, engine mounts, intake and exhaust manifolds, turbo/supercharger assembly, crankshaft pulley, harmonic balancer, flywheel, flex plate, starter ring gear, oil pump, air cleaner assembly (except air filter), engine oil filter bracket/union, balance shaft, balancer housing.

Manual Transmission / Transaxle
Case and all internally lubricated mechanical components, extension housing, mounts, clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder.

Automatic Transmission / Transaxle
Case and all internally lubricated mechanical components, extension housing, oil pan, torque converter, mounts, shift solenoids, oil cooler and lines, oil pump, shift control computer.

Front / Rear Wheel Drive
Differentials and all internally lubricated mechanical components, CV-joints, U-joints, bearings, bushings, propeller shafts, axle shafts, yokes, couplings.

Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Transfer case and all internally lubricated mechanical components, front/center/rear differential assemblies and all internally lubricated mechanical components, front hub and spindle assembly (including locking device).

Cooling System
Water pump and pulley, coolant reserve tank, thermal fan switch, coolant solenoid valve, fluid coupling, cooling fan assembly, engine oil cooler and lines, radiator.

Fuel System
Fuel tank, fuel pump, throttle body, injectors, fuel level sending unit (in tank), fuel lines, valves, fuel regulators.

Front / Rear Suspension
Suspension arms, stabilizer bars and links, rear carriers, ball joints, bushings, struts, shocks, wheel bearings.

Steering gear housing and all internally lubricated mechanical components, control valves, steering column, steering column shafts and couplings, steering knuckles, power steering pump and pulley, pressure hoses, rack ends, bearings, cooling lines, power steering fluid reservoir tank.

Air Conditioning & Heating
(Original equipment or Manufacturer's Approved Kits only). Compressor and pulley, condensers, evaporators, expansion valve, control units, magnetic clutch, receiver/dryer, amplifier, servo motor, cooling fan motor, pressure switch, blower motors, heater core.

Brake System
Master cylinder, master cylinder reservoir, brake booster, calipers, parking brake lever and linkage, proportioning valve, backing plates, wheel cylinders, brake lines and fittings, ABS actuators.

Electrical System

Alternator and pulley, starter assembly, power window motors and regulators, exterior mirror motors, electric door lock actuators, power seat motors and gears, sunroof motor, wiper motors, power antenna, distributor (except cap, rotor and wires), direct ignition coils (distributor-less system), electronic ignition igniters, cruise control actuator, transmission shift solenoid, wiring harness, washer pumps, headlight washer pump, horns, power point sockets, all manually and mechanically operated factory installed switches.

High Tech Factory Installed
All sensors, all computers (including but not limited to: cooling system, keyless entry, theft deterrent, sunroof, air conditioning, transmission shift, steering control, ABS/VSC, shift lock), air flow meter, idle air control valve, EGR valve, vacuum switching valve, body and door control modules, electronic heater/ A/C control, wiper control module.

Body Interior
Manual/Automatic shift lever and shift lever subassembly, manual window regulators, parking brake handle, inside door handles, manual window regulator handles, glove box lock mechanism, child safety door lock mechanism.

Body Hardware
Door hinges (front, rear, hatch), outside door handles (front, rear, hatch), hood and hatch supports, fuel door release cable, hood release cable, trunk release cable.

Seals & Gasket / Fluids & Filters
All seals and gaskets used to contain fluids/lubricants within covered components. Every ECP repair includes the replacement of coolant, refrigerant, transmission fluid and filter, engine oil and filter, hydraulic fluids and lubricants when required as a result of the failure of a covered component.

The term is as follow:
84 months or 160,000 km which ever comes first
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