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I have a 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series without the body that I want to sell. It ran perfectly when the body was removed with 30k miles on it. I don't plan to utilize these parts and want to sell. The motor is same as 5.7 Tundra. Great for anyone who need these expensive parts.

Make me an offer...... located in Phoenix AZ



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What happened to the body?
OK, that's a challenge.

Phone number is for J T Grey Performance Driving.

Also leads to this guy who does stunt driving and video work, clients include Toyota Vehicles. Getting warm.

So, three guesses. They.....
1) built some kind of monster truck with a Land Cruiser body.
2) rolled it on the Rubicon Trail (Toyota 4WD Owner Magazine).
3) put the body on a crappy rolling chassis to use in some kind of stunt.

Unfortunately this is a nine month old thread so we'll probably never know.
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