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2010 TRD Exhaust on a 2007 5.7?

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I found a great deal on a TRD dual exhaust but it is the new model and the person told me it will not work on the 07-09 tundra. Any ideas on what is different? Would it be possible to make it work on an 07?
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The exhaust flanges differ from each other in that in 2010+ models it is moved down along the piping more so it won't fit with out modification. If it is a really good deal I'll say get it then bring it to a exhaust shop so they can make it fit. Should be around 100 bucks for the install.

P.S. how much are you looking at for the exhaust??
Dude wants $400, I bet I could get it for $300... Great deal if I can make it work. Good idea about a muffler shop.
One hell of a deal, you better get on it :D
Man, I knew it was too good to be true, the guy was only selling to muffler part of the kit. Still a good deal, but after fab costs and pipes it would have not been a good deal anymore.

One muffler place told me they could do a Flowmaster 50 Series installed with dual pipes for $500. Good deal? Any issues with back pressure or anything?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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