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I am wondering if the alarm controller (computers) in Tundras and Siennas are the same. I would like to add a Pace Edwards power bed cover, but dont want 2 remotes. So I was thinking about using the Sienna remote with 5 buttons if the Tundra computer can recognize the additional 3 signals the remote can send.

I want the lock and unlock to work as usual and then the left and right door buttons to open and close the bed cover, then I was thinking about using the 5th button to pop the tailgate via the DIY project I found somewhere here...

Anyone have any idea whether the Tundra computer can receive and process the signals? I am hoping they share the same computer and Tundras just dont use the additional channels...??...

Sienna remotes can be bought for $95.00 so I was thinking this might be a better option than buying a Viper and having a useless factory alarm going to waste. But remote start would be a nice add on to the Viper..

Or does anyone else have any better ideas?
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