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I've seen several post about pairing a bluetooth phone to an older Tundra. I could not get mine to make or receive calls, even though it would play music, podcasts, etc from the phone. I watched a ton of youtube and read lots of posts but couldn't get it to work. Finally I broke down and went to the dealer. The secret was in which menu you use to start the setup process. I was using the setup pushbutton, which evidently, only sets up a bluetooth audio device such as an iPod, or it makes your phone look like an iPod.

If you start the setup using the "off hook" switch on the steering wheel (like you would do to answer the phone, it will give you slightly different menu options. Use the voice commands to "pair phone" and then use "internal audio". Since I've done that, both the phone and the audio player functions will work. I attached a picture of what it looked like when successful. Notice that you have the signal strength indicated, the bluetooth symbol and the note. The signal strength indicator means that the phone is working as a phone also.

Note that if you have already paired your phone in the audio player mode, you will probably have to delete it from the truck and on the phone also before you start this process.

I was pairing an Iphone 7.

Hope this helps.


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