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Hello everyone,
I am rather new to this forum but I am here in hope of a solution to a tundra problem I have had for about two years now. In the summer of we purchased a wrecked 2012 tundra with the goal of attaching a 1978 ford F250 cab to the floor pan. The tundra ran and drove at the time of purchase and did not have any engine or drive terrain damage from the wreck since it was a rollover (besides a bent control-arm and a cracker steering rack). We unhooked all of the doors, cut the cab apart and stripped the truck down to its bones (Picture below). At this point we were still able to start the truck and have it sit and idle. We unhooked the steering column and everything from the firewall to do the conversion, but everything besides the wiring harness remained hooked up and placed on top of the engine (ie, ECM, brake booster, cold air intake). We cut the floor out of the tundra cab and converted in the floor of the tundra so it has the 2012 floorboards and the Ford starts around the door frame. (Picture below). We restored the cab of the Ford, including welding together the two trucks and began to put the Toyota wiring back in. It is running the original tundra harness, with the original steering column (Picture Below). When everything was hooked up we went to start the truck and it started on the first turn, but it stopped as if the security system shut it off. The engine itself was strong, it did not sputter or choke, but it seemed like it was electrically stopped. We trouble shot what it could be and the general consensus was our shenanigans removing doors and support pillars tripped a switch in the security system. The ECM has been run with Toyota TechStream and it said that the transponder module was not communicating with the system. I am looking for a complete wiring harness schematic for the tundra so I can hopefully identify the critical systems to running and fix the disconnect in the system. If anyone knows of the place that I can obtain or purchase the entire wiring schematic please let me know. Furthermore, if you have any insights, questions, or technical advice, I will take any help I can get.

I apologize the pictures are huge and out of order,
Best Regards

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