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We just purchased a new Forest River Flagstaff 832CLSB travel trailer that I think has put us over on several limits but I have a couple of questions on WD.

2014 Toyota Tundra TSS 4X4 5.7L
Curb Wght: 5560
GVWR: 7200
Payload: 1360
GAWR Front: 4000
GAWR Rear: 4150
Towing: 9800
GCVWR: 16000

I have new Fox 2.0 shocks, Falken wildpeak AT3 122 rated 10 ply tires and a firestone air ride kit.

The weight and length specs on the camper are:

The GVWR of the trailer is 11057 which I don't think we will ever get even close too since this camper has less storage than our last one at least for larger heavier items.

I have the Equalizer 4 WDH to go along with the trailer.

We picked the camper up a couple of weekends ago, I took the camper by a CAT Scale and these are the initial readings I got, this was unloaded except for my wife and myself and the camper had a few gallons of fresh water but no more than maybe 32lbs or so.

steer axle: 3180
drive axle: 4560
trailer axle: 7580
total axle: 15320

We took that camper out last weekend completely loaded the way we did with our previous camper and hit the same scale again and here are the numbers still had about the same fresh water.:

steer axle: 3320
drive axle: 4660
trailer axle: 8200
total axle: 16180

First thing, I am now over GCVWR I know but the camper had 0 sway and pulled extremely easily but it was only a 55 mile trip and I am concerned about the weight.

My real question is does the WDH seem to be setup right because the Rear axle seems like it has too much weight even with the heavy duty tires and the front end seems light along with the trailer axle weight.

New truck??? I love my Tundra but also want to be safe.
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