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2014 Tundra with high mileage questions

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Looking at purchasing a 2014 Tundra TSS 4wd with 230K miles. Truck has been very well taken care of with service records to prove it. Runs and drives great but I'm hesitant purchasing one with 230k miles. I know these things last for many years with tons of miles if well taken care of. I just can't afford some of the prices for trucks now and this one caught my eye due to how well it's been taken care of. The guy that had it drove probably 75% highway miles for work. Any thoughts concerns purchasing one with such high mileage? I'm a ford guy with 2 ecoboosts, expedition and F150 but looking to get away from them on my next vehicle.
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Desert Roads, wow 746,000 miles. Did any of the drivetrain wear out? Transmission or transfer case or rear end? Did you change all the oils regularly?
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